Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jensen's installed

I apologize for the crappy picture. I just grabbed the digital camera which was the first one to hand.

They look really good in there. Still like little beer cans. I was a little sceptical that I would actually hear a difference but it is quite noticeable. More musical I would say. Dirtier in a good way. They are far more vintage sounding than the Hovlands but in all fairness I don't think the Hovlands were meant to be that. They are still miles clearer than the original caps. I am going to change the strings tommorow and really give the guitar a workout.


DaveWV said...

What did you have in before the Hovlands?

Jon said...

I had the original bumble bee replicas in there. The Hovland musicaps and the Jensens are a great inprovement for me. I didn't mind the bumble bees but I was looking for something different.