Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Free is what you get when you put together a great vocalist, an amazing guitar player, a solid bassist and an understated but talented drummer. I really only had ever heard "All right Now" growing up and I purchased the BBC sessions based on comments on the LP forum. So I decided to look for some other recordings and decided on "Fire And Water" which is actually one of my faves from BBC sessions.

This is a really solid album. It's the re-mastered version and still closes with "All Right Now" but you get three different versions. This band really leaves a lot of space for the music. I find that is part of the brilliance. All the things that are not done are just as important as the things done. Usually I find some musicians take that stance to cover up a lack of musicianship, but these guys have talent and finesse enough to write the book on it.

Kossoff's playing on "Oh I Wept" is bang on, re-stating the lyric content in a short, concise choice of notes. This music is similar to the type of humour I like. They walk it right up to you but don't hit you on the head repeatedly with the concept. It's left up to you to get it.

Oh I Wept


abit.of.a.nerd said...

glad someone else sees free for there god given talent i recently obtained what seems like there entire collection and i could play it for hours tone kossoff has it by the bucket load, ive got an all right now video and tab on my blog trying to spread the word

have a good week



Jon said...

Yep. Les Paul straight into a tube amp. My idea of heaven.