Friday, March 16, 2007

Jensen PIO caps

They look like little beer cans:

RS Guitarworks has these done to their specs by Jensen. I am waiting on a chance to put these into my guitar. From what I have read these ones are more vintage sounding than the Hovland caps. A little dirtier and organic.

I have been interested in the paper-in-oil caps for a while and when I saw that RS was offering these I picked up a pair. They got them about three weeks after I purchased my RS kit with the Hovlands.


DaveWV said...

Do you know what their Hillbilly/Greg Martin wiring scheme is supposed to accomplish?

Jon said...

It's supposed to replicate his unique guitar wiring and the only difference ( from the regular kits) as far as I can tell is the Jensens and the wiring. Apparently it was done by mistake at the factory. But as for what it sounds like I have no clue. I can't recall ever having heard the man play.