Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mojo picks

Just received the one I ordered the other day. Nice little pick. Made out of a 1944 quarter, the year that Jimmy Page was born. You can get other years that famous musicians were born in as well.

It plays really sweet. I can't believe that a metal pick would feel as nice as it does against the strings. Just glides right over them.

Here's a link to check them out: Mojo Picks


Derek said...

I've often wondered about metal picks - ie dimes etc. I know a bunch of famous people use them - Brian May and Billy Gibbons come to mind. I imagine they'd be good for playing lead, but I'm not sure about rhythm. Could you use one for lighter, funkier kinda chord playing?

Jon said...

It really glides over the strings. I rattled off Funk #49 no problem.

Yoann Michot - JSMoore pickups user. said...

This would be totaly illegal in Europe. Over here you don't have any right to modify money, it's considered as a conterfait and is punishable of 20 years jail time (believe it or not it's true LOL)
I maybe get one of those, that 's a great idea

Anonymous said...

My Dad got me 3 of these off ebay from Mojo Picks.

I got 1 silver Canadian Quarter
1 Silver US Quarter
1 Bronze UK

These things are amazing for both lead and rythme. I'm going to order more.

My only compliant is they are a little small and it takes a bit getting used to.

I find that the stiffness they have give a great attack on the string because the pick doesnt flex. They Stay in my fingers much better to.

I like to practise tapping often for lead sections, these things make my Les Paul SCREAM when tapping.

Jon said...

He makes them out of silver dollars as well, primarily for bass players. They'll be larger and will work for guitar. I used to like small picks but now I'm into the larger sizes.