Sunday, July 1, 2007


I purchased several Cream cd's from Amazon and they were delivered the other day. This is all because of the "Strange Brew" book which gets more interesting with every page. I was a radio listener for a long time and was only really familiar with whatever you heard on there. There's a lot of good stuff on them and it's great to listen to it and know what was happening at the time as well.

For instance that Clapton beat Hendrix to recording with a wah pedal (I'd have to look the song up). Clapton was at one point very intimidated by Hendrix and his playing skills, so much so he considered quitting ( so the story goes). I found another book about Cream which I will read once I finish this one. With the time I have to read that should be October sometime.

Here's one from their first album that's sort of appropriate as a squirrel took out our power this morning.

Cat's Squirrel

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