Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Peter Green

This is from a cd I picked up recently. "The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions". Great recordings with all the background chatter from the studio. I find it interesting hearing all the cues and direction from the various people there. Everybody seems to be having a lot of fun and it makes it all the more enjoyable.

All the cuts seem to be live off the floor. I find the music I enjoy the most is done that way. Over the last few years ( well, ten if I have to tell the truth)I have found a liking for live recordings. There's just something about the energy and spontaneity in the performance. Of course you have to have a band that can jam, like Zeppelin or Allman Brothers, to really make it worthwhile. It doesn't work with groups that just play the song as it was recorded.

Here's a clip: My Heart Beat Like a Hammer


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