Thursday, February 8, 2007

Accelerate your guitar playing

I've been working through this dvd for about three weeks now and I'm really seeing improvement. I haven't played regularly for a few years and I wanted something to knock the rust off my hands and get me back to playing regularly. There's not much here to make you a better musician, it's all about speed and accuracy to make you a better player. I've never thought that my technique was that good, so I am hoping to change that. I have even started working with a metronome, at least for the exercises.

I had never heard of Tomo Fujita before but this guy smokes on guitar. He's been around for a while but not really up front. At least not in the stuff I listen to. I've also found those Guitar World dvd's pretty informative as well, although I know the mag is not held in such high regard.


dr.alistair said...

so you`re gonna play your crap faster that what you`re saying?

where`s the tits by the way......?

sorry, i mean travel pictures.

Jon said...

What were you saying? Someone said tits and I lost track....