Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Melody Maker P-90 Mod

Here is an interesting little project I just completed. A customer sent me two Melody Maker single coils pickups for a re-wind and a P-90 mod. I can't take credit for the original idea as he provided me with a link to the site where he had seen it. The magnet in the coil is replaced with a steel bar and two magnets are used on the bottom.

You can see from this photo that the whole package still fits nicely in the original cover.

For the re-wind I used 43 gauge plain enamel wire and put 9800 winds on the bridge and 8800 winds on the neck. The inductance readings for both are right on with what I usually get from a P-90 so this set should really smoke.


Anonymous said...

Is this similar to the what a Swedish pickup maker is doing with single coils for Teles and Strat?

Jon said...

Probably. There are several makers doing mods like this.