Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Song Remains The Same

It's been updated and restored. I doubt there is anyone who hasn't heard this yet. It's out now and on my wish list for Christmas.

I remember going down to the Broadway Cinema when I was in high school to catch it when it played. Back in my day repertory theatres were the only way to catch movies a second time around. No vhs or dvd rentals then. That's something my kids will never understand, or ever enjoy probably. There was something really exciting about catching the midnight showing of TSRTS or Rocky Horror Picture Show ( Yeah, I was there in the back row. Didn't dress up though, not quite that fanatical).

Anyhow, TSRTS is one of my all time favourite concert movies. Sure, Robert's voice isn't up to par and maybe Jimmy was off sometimes, but the whole vibe of the movie hasn't faded for me over the years. It still smokes now as it did then.

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