Sunday, October 28, 2007

Guitar websites

Here are a couple of sites that I have stumbled on over the last little while.

Blues you can use is a site by the author of the books of the same name. There are about a dozen on-line lessons with more to come. I've only had a chance to gloss through them but they are pretty informative.

Vanderbilly is a great site I found through a mention on Guitars Canada. Really well done videos that, to my eye and ear, are pretty bang on. Vanderbilly himself does a great job on copping the tone and feel of the songs he demonstrates. It's more songs lessons than theory lessons but an excellent site nevertheless, especially for Zeppelin fans.


Richter 6.0 said...

Hey, that Vanderbilly site looks good, but it runs so slowly that its pretty much useless to me. Is it just me?

Jon said...

It runs pretty quick for me. The videos are the correct speed. Might be your internet connection or there may have been site problems that day.