Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pickup parts

I have started my summer gig this week so I have 3 days a week that I can wind. Such as life. At least I get a steady paycheque.

I received my rod magnets the other day. I can't believe how little space they take up. I had to make some budget decisions so I decided on Alnico 2 and 5. I figure I can cove more bases that way. I'll get some A3 later on in the summer.

Just sent some sample pickups to a music store in Marseille. I'm interested in what the gentleman has to say about my pickups. I have been considering getting into some of the local stores but have held off, although I am looking forward to having this store stock mine.

I have a first for me this week. A rewind of a mini humbucker. 10k with 4 conductor is the final spec. It is going into a telecaster with a 50's style bridge pickup so it needs to match the output. It will be 5k in single coil mode to match the bridge and will be one kickass mini at full throttle.

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